"Lilly, our corgi along with her best friend "Oreo".........a rescue cat.

Dear Friend,

I'd like to take a minute of your time to tell you a little about myself and my cats.  My husband, David and I met in High School, and were later married in July of 1987.  We have four children, Erik, Cody, Rachel and Nicole.  David is the fourth generation son on his families farm, and our sons are also involved in the farm.  I've always loved animals...especially Cats, and have had them all of my adult life.  At this time I have retired from breeding Ragdolls, but have left my website up for information purposes. 

I met my first Ragdoll - it was love at first purr!  I bought my first Ragdolls in the Fall of 1992, and each day relish their companionship and find myself wondering why everyone doesn't have at least one.  My first litter was born May 15, 1993..and with each following litter came new joys, and new lessons!

Kittens should be well socialized by the whole family and medically under a veterinarian's care for their vaccinations and altering procedures.  A small hobby breeder should only have a small number of cats in their breeding program, and kept in a loving yet proficient manner that protects and promotes socialization, safety, and most importantly their health.  Raising only one or two litters at a time is important to have well adjusted kittens that are able to be part of a daily routine and not locked up in cages. 

I had occasionally shown my cats in TICA, CFA and ACFA and had done well..including several Champions, and a few with higher titles such as Grand Champion in CFA and Supreme Grand Champion in TICA,  but my focus was on genetic health and diversity, the true Ragdoll personality and well socialized kittens, and my breeding program reflected this.  My cats are never let outdoors but they have access to lots of sunshine and fresh air and constant attention.  I had my own males and did not offer stud service.  I have a strong belief in breeding responsibly with my Ragdolls best interest as number 1 priority..

My breeding program focused on some of the older lines of Ragdolls that are all 100% Ragdoll without other breeds mixed in, and I feel strongly that the Magic we are all looking for in the Ragdoll cat is found in these lines. 

I feel a great sense of pride and responsibility for my cats and am honored to be their human Mom.   I feel my cats are truly loved, respected and well cared for, and this is evident in the years of kittens that were born here at Rockabyerags.  I am a registered Ragdoll breeder through TICA, CFA and ACFA, and proudly have been a member of RFCI since 1993, and am also currently a member of RAG. And am currently the Midwest Regional Director in RFCI.   Hopefully the devotion and commitment I put into my Ragdolls shows with the quality care,  excellent health pledge and carefully monitored dispositions in our past kittens.  My intent is that this will reflect for many years in your Ragdoll.  I hope I have given you an insight into what type of breeder I am and if you have any questions or would like references I would be happy to help.