Amanda was born November 18,  1991 and resides with her family in Illinois

She was the matriarch of our breeding program, and one of the reasons we fell in love with the Ragdoll breed.  She was (and still is) an amazing girl! 

Actually she is the ancestor to many Ragdolls as she was the mother of some of the first Lynx Ragdolls registered in TICA.  Her father was Dimon, and was a direct descedant of Ann Baker's IRCA Ragdoll cats. She was originally owned by Brenda Whyde-Parrish of Ohio, who worked with Ann Baker (the founder of the Ragdoll breed), but then later broke from Ann, and foundation registered her cats in TICA.  She was passed on to me to use in my breeding program, and to help widen the lynx Ragdoll genepool.

Amanda is an amazing girl.  She had several litters of kittens that went on to lay the foundation lines of several Ragdoll breeder's programs.  Her daughters that I had in my breeding program were: Rockabyerags Angelface, Rockabyerags Beloved Lovey, Rockabyerags Amazing Grace, Meadowpurrs Tygr Lilly, Meadowpurrs Peekaboo, and Meadowpurrs Mandy. They produced or were behind Champions, Grand Champions, and Supreme Champions.  They also produced some very wonderful Ragdolls that are part of several families as their pet Ragdoll. 

For me, Amanda exhibited what a Ragdoll is.  She was very sweet, loving, and followed me everywhere.  She never met someone she didn't like.  She was one of the big reasons I have worked with the Ragdoll breed since 1993.  While she is now an elderly cat (18 in 2009), her family reports that she is still a wonderful, loving Ragdoll through and through