What to Expect when Considering 
a Kitten from Us

The Perfect Kitten.....

There is no such thing....as the perfect Kitten.   Most are wonderful, and for those of us who love them, we can see the good in everyone ...but in researching about Ragdolls, you will find descriptions out there that talk of the Ragdoll as  being the "perfect" cat.  They describe the Ragdoll to be a floppy, loving, wonderful companion, that loves everyone, and is the perfect family pet.  Some descriptions will say that the ragdoll doesn't feel pain, or is the perfect choice for a family with young children because the Ragdoll is so tolerant.  While these descriptions do stem from the wonderful Ragdoll personality,  It MUST be kept in mind that Ragdolls are still cats, and they do feel pain, they do have many normal cat behaviors, and there is  a margin of individuality amongst the kittens, that must be taken into account when matching up the kittens with their new families.  Some kittens are all that we expect in a Ragdoll, a  loving, affectionate personality that is your constant shadow.....but many times these kittens need the family that is home with them, or they need other social buddy's to keep them content, because their "social" personality would get very lonely and very lost if they were left alone all day or for long periods of time. There are also the kittens that are very busy and playful, but are not as cuddly as others, and need their "alone time".  There are also the quieter kittens that need some time to mature, or need some extra patience in adjusting to change, and need a quieter home, but will make a very strong and affectionate bond with their new family.  There is a wide variety of personality's found within the Ragdoll breed, and just as we wouldn't expect every Collie to be "Lassie", we have to give respect to the individual ness of each Ragdoll kitten. 

What we want in our kitten, could be very different than which kitten would fit best into our lifestyle.  And as a breeder it's this "match up" that I focus on constantly when placing my kittens into their new homes.  Understandably some families want a specific color or a specific pattern in their kitten, but in my mind...this is not the most important quality that we look to in choosing the right kitten.  Yes, if we have equally matched kittens in the right color/pattern...then great, but many times as a small breeder I don't have every color/pattern available, and the "right" kitten for your home and family may not be your first choice for color.   We also have to keep in mind that just because Ragdolls are tolerant and loving of a child's affection, doesn't mean that an unruly or undisciplined child can be given a Ragdoll and all will be "ok".  Just because my kittens are raised with my children and my dog, does not mean that they will warm up immediately to all children and other pets.  Ragdolls can feel pain, and they sometimes will defend themselves with biting or scratching if a child or other pet is cruel to them. Ragdolls can be fearful of a very noisy child, or another pet that is growling or hissing at them.   But because the Ragdoll tends to be more laid back and tolerant, it means they need our help MORE in a situation where they might be endangered by a young child or other pet.  They have a trusting side that can get them into trouble, if they are not in the midst of safe handling.  Most Ragdolls do adjust to their new families, and do live up to the breeds reputation for being sweet, loving, affectionate cats.....and while this is what we all hope for, and what as a breeder we guide our choices by....it must not be taken for granted.  When raising our kittens, we do our best to socialize them and give them the best start in life, to help their personality's develop to their full potential.


In placing kittens, I don't take deposits on kittens until they are born.  At that time I will accept $100 deposits from families interested in one of those kittens.  Because Ragdolls are born pure white, and develop their color over the first few weeks of life, many times we don't know what we will have in our litter for a few weeks, and even then, their personality's and "type" (show/pet/breeder) does not emerge until they are 6-8 weeks of age.  So knowing which kittens will go to which families isn't always decided until the kittens reach the age of 6-8 weeks.  Usually around that time I invite families to come and meet the kittens, and we seriously discuss which kittens will match up with their family the best.  In trying to make the reservation process as fair as possible, we have the "first deposit-first choice" protocol, so the line up of who gets first choice is set by whom sends in the first deposit.  But as a breeder, I do reserve the right to help in that decision process to some degree, as living with the kittens, and watching them develop is paramount to knowing them, and helping place them appropriately.  And sometimes a 30 minute visit just doesn't give you the full picture of who that kitten is going to be. If a visit is not possible, then at the age of 6-8 weeks I will send lots of pictures, and discuss all that I am seeing in the kittens personality, and ask that you take all of this into consideration, and then choose which kitten will be yours, so then the families "after you" will be able to know which kittens they have to choose from.

The deposit is non refundable, unless for some reason on my end, I am unable to get you a kitten .   Each commitment for a new kittens placement is taken very seriously by me, so I give updates to the waiting families with pictures and notes on how the kittens are developing.  If after going through this process, and your right kitten does not come from the litter your waiting on, I will be happy to give you the next "first available" spot in the subsequent litters, until you've found the right kitten from me.  If you have questions on this process, please don't hesitate to ask me.


Because of the popularity of the Ragdoll, we have a lot of requests for families to just come and meet our cats and kittens.  Because of time constraints with our own family, as well as trying to limit our home and our cats to constant exposure from those we don't know, we do limit visitors to families that are interested in our current kittens/cats.  We also do not offer "open house" tours to everyone.  We invite you into our home, to meet our cats and kittens, and hope that you understand our families privacy and our limiting the visit to just a few rooms of our home.  While I understand families wanting to meet tiny kittens, or seeing all of the relatives to their prospective new kitten....it must be kept in mind that we limit outside exposures to a minimum to protect the health of our cats and this of utmost importance to us, as well as reminding visitors that this is our home, and our children's privacy and security is very important to us. We don't have a "cattery" or seperate facility for our cats, they are raised in our home.  The normal visit usually lasts anywhere from 30-60 minutes, and is scheduled normally on weekends or evenings. 

Our cats are very much a part of our family, so when visitors come, the cats usually will come to meet and greet the strangers, and so meeting several Ragdolls, including the mom and siblings to your kitten is usually what happens.  We don't cage our kittens or the moms, but the boys/dad are confined to their own room of our home, which is separate from the moms and the kittens for several reasons.  So usually we do not include them in your visit.  If you want references to help you feel confident in your decision process, my vet is happy to speak with you, as well as other breeders in our area can speak with you, and I do have  pet owners that have purchased their kitten from me, that would be happy to share their experiences. 


Something to keep in mind when your price shopping for a kitten.  Many times the cheepest kitten has been cared for in the cheepest manner, and may in the long run cost you far more in vet bills and expenses.  A breeder who puts a high priority on having the best quality breeding cats, the best foods, the best litter, and veterinary care... spends money, and for the breeders who cut corners and try to push kitten sales, does not have the best interest of their kittens in mind, but instead their own bottom line. 

The pricing for our kittens varies from kitten to kitten.  But for most pet quality kittens our price is $650, and this includes them being spayed or neutered by my vet, and two sets of kitten shots done by my vet.  The pet quality category is what 90% of my kittens fit into.  Not that a lot of them aren't "perfect".....but I prefer to place my kittens as pets, so if the kitten is not going to be shown or bred, they are put into this category. Pet kittens many times have a few mismarks or cosmetic flaws, or have a quality that would not be suitable for the show ring but make wonderful, loving, healthy pets.   Occasionally if a kitten is slower growing, and has not reached the appropriate weight for altering surgery by 11 weeks of age, my vet will ask that they be held off from surgery until they are bigger.  These kittens are then placed with their new family with a strict altering agreement that the kitten will be spayed/neutered at the appropriate weight.  In this situation, the price of the kitten is lowered by $100, which is approximately the cost of my vet doing the procedure.

  I can accept Paypal for a small fee, or can take cash or certified checks.  

Occasionally I do place show or breeding quality kittens, but only with the strictest scrutiny of the breeder or fancier purchasing the kitten.  My pricing for this category is dependant on the markings/pattern of the specific kitten and can vary from $1000 - $1600. If you are interested in a show kitten or a breeding kitten, please write me for availability...but keep in mind that I am a small breeder, so getting a show kitten from me sometimes needs patience :)

Going Home

Kittens usually go home with you between 11-14 weeks of age, depending on their altering surgery timing. You must bring a carrier with you to bring them home in.   They will go home with a small bag of food, and my written sales agreement/guarantee.  Their blue slip registrations normally are ready to go home with them as well, but occasionally have not been returned to us by that time, so will be forwarded to you when they arrive, usually within a few weeks after the kitten goes home.  I do have a thorough instruction packet that I send to you a few weeks before the kitten is ready to go home, so you can be prepared for the homecoming with the right litter, food and supplies.  I normally do not ship my  pet kittens, and prefer to place them locally.  In special circumstances I will consider shipping, but all related fee's are the responsibility of the purchaser.   I will consider meeting someone part way for a small delivery fee.

I am available for updates and questions and support for you and your kitten.  Selling a kitten is not over when the kitten goes home with you, while we hope that all goes well (and it usually does), occasionally there are concerns or questions that pop up, and I will do what I can to help.  As the kitten grows, there is nothing better than getting wonderful pictures and updates, as I never get tired of hearing how they are doing.